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About me


I'm Irving Rivas, a software developer from the Dominican Republic.

I've been online since about '96, and using computers since I can remember.

I like music — even if my talent for it is rather limited. My grandma was a singer, and a few other family members have been professional musicians, too.

I enjoy reading, tech/science project histories and sci-fi in particular. I prefer avoiding historic fiction, though.

My time in highschool was really important in my formation. I got a two-year computer science degree along with the high school diploma there, but I learned so much more than can be articulated by such documents.

I got married at 23. Best decision I've ever made. I am still growing and learning alongside my beloved Nikol.

I have been working with Miss Rizos since about 2012, and hope to keep putting my tiny grain of sand towards reducing unjust discrimination.

I believe a hefty amount of my beliefs are inaccurate or wrong – a consequence of the human condition – and that usually it does not matter too much – another consequence of the human condition. I like to cultivate the ability to change my mind, so I am better prepared to react properly when I am wrong about something important.


I've worked on a few different types of projects since I started coding professionally in '09 – websites, APIs, desktop software for Windows and macOS, mobile apps, and embedded software. Hopefully I'll flesh out this section more in the future.

Narrowing my Tech Stack

I have decided to experiment intentionally narrowing my tech stack. I want to work as much as possible in Kotlin, and SQLite or PostgreSQL. I wonder how deep I can go by focusing.