iajrz's home

This page serves as a repository of little things I liked, or whatnot. Jotted notes to self, references, things that I'd be delighted to find while looking at someone else's personal site. These could have been tweets, maybe.

Integrating and Deploying by creating a bare git repo with a post-receive in the target box is a viable solution for personal projects. There's a Digital Ocean community tutorial to start thinking from.

I found this nice guide for disaster planning. I'd read it a while ago, and it contains sound advice. I may want to point people that way when talking about financial advice and future-proofing life.

I found out about the Soy brand turkish cookware. It seems to be a very high quality type of thing that would last you a lifetime. I want to visit their homepage again and seriously consider buying it in the future.

I remembered folklore.org exists. That's nice.

I recently learned a neat trick in factorio ops developer sanqui's homepage. A sort of reverse overlay - the background color being a semi-transparent white instead of black makes the background lighter! It was surprisingly delightful.

DuckDuckGo has a color picker. I found the two tetrads in this site's style.css with it.

Encycolorpedia has a nice search function, allows to search by color name. It is how I found the background white used in this site – the one that felt most like papery white to me.