• I’m writing — low stakes, no commitment, no goal other than putting things down.
  • I’m creating and upgrading a few systems for my life — around personal, daily things on the one hand, about corporate things on the other. This is proving challenging! Upgrades are hard!
    • I got a notebook for a few subjects; I’m watching interviews in DOAC and taking notes. It’s slow going, but I’d loathe to have watched/listened to a ton of possibly valuable content and not have change in my life.
    • I’m changing my nutrition; goal: to both have a good approximation of my added sugar consumption, and make it lower than it has been the last 7 years. Move away from fructose (therefore table sugar and honey) and towards glucose for sweetening.

I noticed the previous approach on distancing from dreams isn’t making me wholly happy: the distance feels like my days are incomplete. I’m still focusing on things that impact my day-to-day, and part of that is now making a concerted effort to round out my existence instead of renouncing part of it.

[last update: may 18, 2024]