toy projects

There’s a thing we do as software developers: we create toy projects. The project doesn’t have to be useful, and usually will not be big; it is a tool for learning.

We can do that with any sort of project. Obvious, right? Hear me out: you can make a toy business. What it does can be very simple, the cashflow can be very minimal… but you get all the lessons you want from it. How to keep books? How to file and pay taxes? Get branding set up and marketing running? Check, check, check.

You can make a toy project to learn anything.

Want to learn how to make a podcast? Well, you can make a toy podcast. Even a 1 episode podcast, if you so want. You’ll learn stuff there. Where to record, what equipment to use, where to get the equipment, how to get things edited — and surely a bunch of things not to do!

It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It just has to get done.

So — What are we learning this year?