A little while ago I started to bookmark pages that looked interesting for any reason. The idea was to work on make it all searchable (I am pretty sure that’s something Linus Lee pulled off; the guy is always doing interesting stuff), although I’ve since tabled that: it did not make much sense to build the tool at the start because I hadn’t many bookmarks to work with, and it does not make much sense now because the momentum has gone away and I am otherwise engaged.

I still keep the habit of bookmarking stuff, but I don’t look back at them again (much the same reason I didn’t keep any bookmarks in the first place).

There are all kinds of things in there now: form the useful Waypoint NDA, a mutual NDA that helps people talk about business in good faith, to a writeup about the Kakoune editor and the kakoune.org homepage itself, to several sites by Linus Lee.

I have unexpectedly won thanks to the guys at Mozilla, though: sometimes I write something in the address bar and Firefox suggests I might want to visit a page from my bookmarks. Often that’s where I want to go. Neat.

The fact that bookmarks are being used as part of my search experience means I don’t have to spend time cataloguing them: tags and categories are aides to manually looking for stuff, and this is automatic.

So maybe you want to start bookmarking stuff, too, if you use Firefox. Maybe this gets tasty enough that it makes sense to build out the infrastructure needed for full text search on the contents of the resources you found interesting as they were at the time of your interest. You know, a searchable local archive of things.

I’m happy with the results so far and I’ll keep bookmarking. If I get inspired to build the local engine I will have a meaty starting point to make it useful.