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  • soar


    “To find freedom, without taking it from someone else”– George Dyson Yesterday I read an essay by Kenneth Brower, where he reflected about Freeman Dyson … [ read more ]

  • Walking In Bogotá

    Walking In Bogotá

    I recently visited Bogotá. Besides being affected by the height for the duration of my stay, I was struck by a few things, like the high amount of trees, dogs, and bikes (which… [ read more ]

  • 2023-06.2


    A little while ago I started to bookmark pages that looked interesting for any reason. The idea was to work on make it all searchable (I am pretty sure that’s something… [ read more ]

  • 2023-06.1


    A failure mode of communication looks like getting frustrated and erasing stuff because you don’t feel like you’re expressing things in a universal enough… [ read more ]