• Always be Checking [your beliefs]

    When you do things time and time again, you can create and reinforce a habit.Always be checking what you think is true; always be checking why you think it’s true.… [ read more ]

  • focus

    Focus is valuable. Focus is within your reach. Odds are you don’t focus as much as you could, and your life can benefit a lot from increasing your ability to focus.… [ read more ]

  • soar


    “To find freedom, without taking it from someone else”– George Dyson Yesterday I read an essay by Kenneth Brower, where he reflected about Freeman Dyson … [ read more ]

  • How to Always Win Arguments, v2

    Notice arguing is PvE, not PvP. Act accordingly.

  • How to Always Win Arguments

    In order to always win arguments, approach them as a joint venture aiming towards truth. This way you can only win — as long as you figure anything at all out. Even if… [ read more ]

  • I love monospaced fonts

    I don’t know why I love monospaced fonts. Maybe it’s something to do with a dot matrix printer we had when I was a kid. Maybe it has to do with the DOS command prompt… [ read more ]

  • Do Stuff

    Stuff can be great later, if need be. Most of the time, it doesn’t need to be greatly done. It needs just to be done. [ thanks for the nudge Alexis ]

  • toy projects

    There’s a thing we do as software developers: we create toy projects. The project doesn’t have to be useful, and usually will not be big; it is a tool for learning.… [ read more ]

  • Bootstrapping a Checklist Culture

    A puzzle: how do you checklists making in an organization? A solution: Create an Empty Checklists Deposit (searchable!) Optional: Add a “Using Checklists”… [ read more ]